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More character creation and some rules... - With a Black Flag.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
With a Black Flag....

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More character creation and some rules... [Oct. 1st, 2008|07:25 pm]
With a Black Flag....


 Now that you have all narrowed down your shipboard jobs and created bios for your characters, we move into the more complicated area of character mechanics.


Below is a list of skills. Please choose 5 for your pirate:

(combat related)
Fencing: better than average skill with a sword or other bladed weapon.
Markmanship: better than average skill with pistols, muskets and other personal firearms
Brawling: better than average skill in combat involving fists, stomping, smashing bottles over someone's head, throwing chairs, cracking skulls with a belaying pin... You get the idea.

(ship related)
Navigation: the ability to know where your ship is and be able to get it somewhere else without getting lost. [The Quartermaster gets the skill for FREE]
Gunnery: understanding and skill with shipboard armaments and the ability to direct a guncrew. If you don't have this, keep clear of the cannon. [The Ship's Gunner gets this skill for FREE]
Carpentry: understanding of ship design and ability to perform basic repairs and refits. [The Ship's Carpenter gets this skill for FREE]
Naval tactics: a better than average understanding of ship-to-ship combat and naval engagement. [The Captain gets this skill for FREE]

Swimming: Most pirates could not swim. Without this skill you might end up joining them as they man the bilge pumps in Davy Jones's Locker.
Natural Leader: with this skill you stand out from the crowd and people will generally place more confidence in your words and ideas.
Slippery aka escape artist: the natural ability to get out of tight scraps -- whether it be getting caught stealing apples from the galley or being left in chains on a burning ship. Luck is on your side. [The Cabin Boy gets this skill for FREE.]
Linguist: you have a natural affinity for languages and have a good chance of understanding or being understood by most of the cultures you meet.
Medical training: you have the basic medical understanding of the time -- which wasn't great. But you can set a broken arm, saw off a leg and recommend citrus fruits for scurvy and sometimes your patient won't die.
Riding: this covers horse-riding and carriage driving. Without this skill you should, like any good sailor, avoid these dangerous methods of ground transportation.
Family connections: Your family may be rich, noble or politically well-connected. This might allow you to get favorable treatment in some circles -- but be careful not to abuse it. There have been times when a black sheep that was bringing shame on the family name has disappeared.
Criminal connections: you have ties in the underworld. This will help in selling stolen goods and planning other less than savory operations.


Now that you have your skills, I want to talk about something new that we will use for With a Black Flag called Pirate Points.
Every character starts the game with 1 Pirate Point.

-What does a Pirate Point do?

When you have accumulated 10 Pirate Points you will have the option of buying a new skill from the list OR upgrading an existing skill that you possess. For example, if you get tired of fueling to a draw with other people who have Fencing skill, you could spend your 10 points and buy Advanced Fencing. All skills have an Advanced and finally Expert level.

Pirate Points can also be used to DO SOMETHING PIRATICAL! Unlike in Tales or even Dawn of the Jedi, our characters here are just normal human beings. They cannot fly through the air or balance on the blade of a sword -- unless they spend a Pirate Point.
If you find yourself backed into a corner, surrounded by angry soldiers with muskets aimed at your heart at the top of a burning tower... You should say "I DO SOMETHING PIRATICAL!"

One Pirate Point will be subtracted from your total but you shall twirl the end of your mustache rakishly and wink as the burning floorboards collapse under the weight of the guards and then you shall leap out the window, catching hold of the Union Jack only to let go and be dropped gently onto the back of a waiting horse (which will buck you into a ditch a block down the road because you never took Riding.)

As the Game Master, i will decide what form your Piratical actions takes for maximum dramatic effect.

-How do I earn Pirate Points?

Pirate Points will be awarded for achieving certain in-game goals and at the completion of a story-chapter. BUT you can also earn Pirate Points by completing little side projects I might assign throughout the game. For example....

To reward you all for reading the rules of character creation I am going to offer you each a chance at earning 1 extra Pirate Point with which to begin the game.

Answer one of the following questions:
1) What does a pirate mean when he refers to "port" and "starboard"
2) What was the age of the youngest pirate on record and what became of him?
3) What is the difference between a "privateer" and a "pirate"?
4) Where in the world today do pirates still attack ships (Disney World does not count)?
5) What was the name of Captain Kidd's galley?


The fun part... Possessions.

Your pirate begins the game with whatever items can be carried on his or her person. I would like to know...
- How do you dress? Pirates were not famous for their conservative fashion tastes.
- What weapons do you carry? Pirates generally carried several pistols as they took so long to reload. You can have as many as you want on your person but keep that in mind if you fall overboard.
and you each get...
- One special item: It could be a ring, a locket, a spyglass, a set of thieves tools... the list is endless. This is a special and unusual item that you carry with you -- keep in mind you are on a boat of thieves, so I wouldn't make it too tempting.

And that's it for now. I hope it wasn't too much of a bore and I look foward to hearing your answers to the Pirate Point questions.

[User Picture]From: fbi_serenity
2008-10-02 05:43 am (UTC)
Part I:
Gunnery (after all, she is the gunner.)
Naval tactics
Natural Leader

Part II:
5- Captain Kidd's Galley was named the Adventure Galley.

Part III:
Clothing: Daégon uses her auburn hair to her advantage. She's wears cream colored shirt that hung off her shoulders with deep colored bodices, mostly green or purple. She doesn't like the golden threads, using simple leather to lace up her bodice and the bottom of her sleeves. Her pants are always neutral colors, loose so that the air can move on on the hot days. She wears a dark green doublet, no matter what else she's wearing. The coat brushes the bottom of her butt, the front decorated with silver clasps and threading. She wears brown boots that lace up to her knees, but don't cover them. A few silver bangles on each of her wrists. She wore a thick leather sash, allowing her weapons to hang. She doesn't like a lot of flash, staying to the practical needs of a pirate. She left the showy looks to others. She sometimes wears a green bandana, but only if she is fighting or working outside.

Weapons: Daégon wears a cutlass at her side if she knows she is going to be fighting. If not, she usually carries 3 pistols on her. Two on her belt and one hidden under her shirt in her belt. Her daggers, however, are hidden all over her body. She carries 4 in her boots, all disguised carefully within the thick leather. 3 more are hidden under the leather cuffs she wears. She has pins that are sharpened to a point in her hair, that she carefully places most mornings.

Special item: She has a small silver heart with a diamond in it. It's the only thing she has from her past life, and she knows it's from her mother, who died when she was young. She doesn't know how they died, but only that the man she considers her father saved her life. She wears the necklace always, being comfortable with the last connection to her parents.
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[User Picture]From: ibe_ustartes
2008-10-02 07:41 am (UTC)

Part 1
Fencing: Weilds an equisite saber made for him after winning the kings duelling contest.

Navigation: If i can see the sky i know where we sail

Natural Leader : Has a dark charisma that draws people to him

Family connections: He dislikes his family but will use them at need

Linguist: Je parle francais, Hablo espanol, I speak english.
Markmanship : has a twin set of Pistols.

Bonus question :
At sea, an emergency can happen at any time, and it is vital that everything aboard can be clearly identified and described. Where ‘left’ and ‘right’ could lead to confusion, ‘port’ and ‘starboard’ are perfectly clear and unambiguous to a seafarer.

Starboard: Boats developed from simple dugout canoes. When the paddler steering a canoe is right handed (and the majority of people are right-handed), he or she naturally steers over the right-hand side (looking forward) of the boat. As canoes developed into larger vessels, the steering paddle grew larger and developed into a broad-bladed oar, held vertically in the water and permanently fixed to the side of the boat by a flexible lashing or a built-in moveable swivel.

The seagoing ships of maritime Northern Europe all featured this side-hung rudder, always on the right hand side of the ship. This rudder (in Anglo-Saxon the steorbord) was further developed in medieval times into the more familiar apparatus fixed to the sternpost, but starboard remains in the language to describe anything to the right of a ship’s centreline when viewed from aft.

Port: If starboard is the right-hand side of the vessel, looking forward from aft, the left-hand side is port – at least, it is now! In Old English, the term was bæcbord (in modern German Backbord and French bâbord), perhaps because the helmsman at the steorbord had his back to the ship’s left-hand side. This did not survive into Medieval and later English, when larboard was used. Possibly this term is derived from laddebord, meaning ‘loading side’; the side rudder (steorbord) would be vulnerable to damage if it went alongside a quay, so early ships would have been loaded (‘laded’) with the side against the quay. In time laddebord became larboard as steorbord became starboard. Even so, from an early date port was sometimes used as the opposite for starboard when giving steering orders, perhaps deriving from the loading port which was in the larboard side. However, it was only from the mid-19th century that, according to Admiral Smyth’s The Sailor’s Word Book, published in 1867, ‘the left side of the ship is called port, by Admiralty Order, in preference to larboard, as less mistakeable in sound for starboard’


Ustartes is disdainful of his rich upbrining, yet he dresses like he wasnt. He enjoys fine clothes which are practical at sea. No one could say he was a poser. He has a long well fitted coat that has been treated with whale fat to make it waterproof. He wears a loose fittinf black shirt and matching buckskin Trousers. His boots ans sturdy and gilded with a silver inlay. He wears red leather gloves and a vambrace on his wrist. When in his official capacity he wears a hat,( smaller than the captains ) but normally his hair is loose. Short and cropped at the peak with braids at the back. The sides of his head or shaved tight marking him as a bladesman. he is normally unshaven

Weapons carried : His equisite saber hangs by his side in its gilded scabbard. His two primary pistols fit below his back on the cusp of his trousers held in place witha leather strap. he keeps a smaller one he calls " Stubby" down the side of his boot.

The ornate vambrace worn of his left arm conceals a thin dagger that can be pulled out and thrown on used to stab. He keeps a wickedly curved dagger on a belt draped across his waist.

Special Item : A ring presented to him by the princess of England after his victory at the meet. It was fnacy looking but it bore the official seal. It had more than onced saved his skin,.

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[User Picture]From: obi_wan
2008-10-02 04:58 pm (UTC)
Excellent! Though I noticed so far no one knows how to swim. Well, we do what we can.

You both get an extra Pirate Point and will start the game with 2.
I'm beginning to wonder where we should organize all the character information...
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[User Picture]From: ibe_ustartes
2008-10-02 05:14 pm (UTC)
An OOC community? Are you gonna be captain? You get my vote
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[User Picture]From: obi_wan
2008-10-02 06:05 pm (UTC)
An OOC community might not be a bad idea. We still have the "Spice Rack" OOC community from "Tales", I might use that.

I've been debating about how to fill the Captain role. I'd rather not directly take on a character but I will fill it with a NPC if we cannot find someone to take it.
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[User Picture]From: ibe_ustartes
2008-10-03 08:05 am (UTC)
Well i am advertising around looking for people but only found one other person. I think Carl might join. Personally i think we need either a new person or an nc for the captain. We all know eack other to well. We have been rping together for years now.

My choice would be you to NPC the new captain, even if its just until you promote someone. Or we vote. Or even if there is a mutiny. YA HAR. And we go from there. They way you sort of threw out NPC situations in DawnoftheJedi was good. Gives us good situations we dont control and have to adapt to.

Ya har but this be a democracy so I open it up to the others.

Other question : This is meant to be realisitc? Does that rule out ancient curses or the like? Had an idea but you know if its not what we are doing thats cool

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[User Picture]From: obi_wan
2008-10-03 05:41 pm (UTC)
As far as being realistic... I doubt if anyone would be interested in playing a truly realistic pirate game -- it wasn't a pretty time in many ways. But, that being said, i would like to keep it on the "More realistic" side. For example, I see the game as being closer to Treasure Island than the "Pirates of the Carribean" movies.

As far as curse, I would look at them in the same way we see them in the real world. People or families or objects associated with a string of bad luck might be called "cursed." But we don't see curses turning men into walking skeletons or giving them squid-faces.

I would like to begin the game hopefully this weekend. I think I will make a NPC captain and as you mentioned, combat and NPC interaction will use the same system we made for "Dawn of the Jedi".
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From: claude_raine
2008-10-08 03:11 am (UTC)
OH JEEZ Late on this one! Sorry!

Part I:
Slippery: Children are always hard to catch!
Family Connections: Who's to say I can't mention my father's name here and there?
Linguist: 私の名前はClaudeです, me llamo Claude, People call me Claude.
Fencing: Of course, before it's been in sport and the people weren't actually trying to kill me, but the basic principles are still the same!
Riding: What kind of frilly little noble boy wouldn't be able to ride a horse?!
Swimming: There was a nice lake back home...

Part II:
Modern piracy affects many parts of the African coast as well as waters around Malaysia, the most notable locations being the Sumali coast and the Strait of Malacca.

Part III:
Dress: Claude was unfortunate in the fact that the only clothes he had were those more suited to courts than to the seas. As a result, the majority of his day-to-day wardrobe consists of frilly white silk shirts, black breeches, silk stockings, and small leather shoes. He tries not to wear a coat in order to tone down the look slightly, though it does little. As for his physical appearance, Claude keeps his shoulder-length blonde curls in a lose ponytail, though a few strands always seem to escape and frame the sides of his face. He takes great pride in looking clean and presentable, though it is nearly impossible on the ship.

Weapons: Since he has very little area to hold any weaponry, Claude keeps a lone dagger on his belt. He doesn't take defense all that seriously since he's never in harms way... or at least not at the hands of another man.

Special Item: Claude keeps a gold pocket watch with him at all times. It is a family heirloom, yet it stopped working while in the care of his grandfather. The only reason he keeps the watch around is because it bears the seal of the Raine family on the back, allowing him to prove his heritage if need be.
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[User Picture]From: obi_wan
2008-10-10 01:33 am (UTC)
Excellent work! If everyone is ready we shall begin the game this weekend.
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