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Combat System [Oct. 12th, 2008|11:09 am]
With a Black Flag....


 Just in case I forgot to mention it elsewhere, we will be using the same combat system as Dawn of the Jedi.
For ease of use, I shall post a customized set below (some items bolded for emphasis):

Player v. Player:
You are all familiar with this and I trust you to do a good job and have an enjoyable time. For your pirates, remember we now have some combat powers (Fencing, Brawling, etc.) that should make who will win in a fight a little more clear. If you have questions on this please post them below, but again, you have all been doing this for quite a while so don't be afraid to jump in.

Player v. NPC:
Again, not very different from what you are used to with one exception. When meeting an NPC, sometimes his or her name will appear italicised. Those characters will be true combatants. What I mean by that is that they have their own secret combat skills which will be known only by me. You may kill, beat and wound all throw-away NPCs (and you'll know who those are) but you must effectively duel with the named NPCs.
Now, it will be very difficult for you to know the power-level of the enemy you face and it won't be much of a game if the second you started a dust-up an NPC killed you, so I've will give you hints in the text. Stick to the rules of interaction we have agreed to and give the NPC the chance to dodge your attacks -- if he does not, well then fight away, but if he nimbly steps aside and you "get the sense that you are facing a much more powerful opponent" I would suggest taking the moral high road...or any road for that matter.
This will require that you pay attention to what is written in the text but that should not be too exhausting. Now, understand there will be NPCs you meet who you are not meant to defeat at your present power level. You will not always win but if you play your cards wisely, you will survive. Any questions?

Improving in Combat:
The more effort you put into writing your combat (and this will be true of every facet of this game) the more experience your character will accrue. 
"Joey stabbed the bad man," will not change a characters life the same way as a full-fleshed confrontation involving easy chair and exploding throw-pillows. Ask yourself, will I remember this fight? If the answer is yes, you are onto something.
As your character increases in skill I will speak to you individually about your development. Again, this will be a gradual process.
For our pirates, this means that if anyone puts together a truly impressive fight scene (and I mean something to top everything we have seen before in any of the games) it can me the reward of a Pirate Point. Again, through the new system you will be able to accrue Pirate Points through other means such as answering my Pirate Trivia.

A final word:
In this game we are not Jedi. We cannot jump twenty-feet into the air, move objects with our minds or do anything that you couldn't do while walking down the street in your own home town. Pirates were all too human, and aside from whatever skill you chose for your character, you are playing an average person.
On the subject of skill, right now none of you have better than "above average" while I'm sure one day you shall all be fencing masters and expert marksmen, right now you are only very good...not great. Be patient.